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Formula1 Wiki does not guarantee accuracy to anyone.

Formula1 Wiki is an encyclopedia whose content is opened online. In other words, anyone can add or modify documents on Formula1 Wiki. Anyone connected to the Internet can participate in the Formula1 Wiki to supplement or modify the content. Therefore, it is not possible to provide accurate or reliable information on any subject because no article on the individual areas listed here is specifically reviewed by experts.

But that doesn't mean you can't get valuable and accurate information from Formula1 Wiki. It simply means that there is no warranty of the validity of the information contained in Formula1 Wiki. The information contained Formula1 Wiki may soon be modified, altered, or even damaged by anyone. And the user's position or opinion may not be consistent with the intellectual level in the particular area you are interested in and want to get information from.

And also, we're not responsible for providing you with any damages or false information that will be caused by the use of this Wiki, nor are we liable for the use of that data when the information listed here comes into contact with the laws of the country in which you are using it. IP addresses or IDs can be temporarily or permanently blocked if you violate copyrights, human rights violations, threats, spoiling the wiki pages, or otherwise violate our Wiki policies. By using this wiki, you are considered to agree to this content.

However, it doesn't means that you are in danger. It simply means that we don't have any responsiblities.