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Info : This is the initial version of the policy. It's not permanent. There is a possibility that it will be revised later, and if it is revised, it will be announced with SiteNotice.

Your Privacy

We don't sell your personal information(IP address, preferences, password) to anyone. Anything we collect is

Your ID :Unique ID for user identification.

Your password : It's encrypted and stored in the Google Datacenter(europe-west6).

E-mail(optional) : Not required. Used for password recovery.

Gender(optional) : You can choose 3 options(They, She, Him).

IP address : IP address will be recorded for every users(include non logged-in users) for maintenance purposes such as

  • prevent multi accounts
  • to facilitate the operation of applications for discarding IDs in case they are lost
  • to know who is violent(and ban them)
  • other purposes

However, we don't sell any of your data, and you can even use the Tor browser!